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Welcome to the Nutrition I-Mag

Welcome to the Nutrition I-Mag, the CPD accredited digital magazine for nutritional therapy students and practicing postgraduates.

Desktop, smartphone and tablet-friendly, the Nutrition I-Mag features latest news, research and educational events to keep you in-the-know, and best of all – it’s completely free to read. 


How to register your CPD Credits

The Nutrition I-Mag is certified by the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANTand the Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA) for self-directed CPD.

Instructions for submitting your CPD credits with BANT can be found here.

Instructions for submitting your CPD credits with the NNA can be found here.

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Hifas da Terra Dr Rei and Dr Leo

Dr Rei is formulated for children containing the appropriate amount of reishi for overall reinforcement of the immune system for children, it is good for children with morning fatigue or nervous disorders. Also good for seasonal allergies and asthma and suitable for children from eight months to age 12. Containing lion’s mane for safeguarding the digestive system, nervous system and immune system, Dr Leo is designed for children with attention deficit and cognitive disorders and is also good for children with food intolerances and intestinal disorders.

 I:Win: We have six sets, comprising one Dr Rei and one Dr Leo to give away.

Pure Encapsulations CurcumaSorb

CurcumaSorb provides Meriva curcuminoid-phosphatidylcholine complex for enhanced-absorption and bioavailability. Entirely natural – with no pharmaceutical or synthetic ingredients – and mimics the enhanced absorption of turmeric seen with fatty food, such as golden milk, Meriva results in a unique profile of plasma curcuminoids that may closer resemble food than supplements[1]. Over 30 clinical studies support the efficacy of Meriva.1. J Nat Prod. 2011 Apr 25;74(4):664-9.

 I:Win: We have five to give away.

Link Nutrition Brain Food

Your desk-side essential, Link Nutrition’s Brain Food contains a neuro-supportive blend of B vitamins, Bacopa monnieri, lion’s mane mushroom, magnesium and turmeric. It is designed to help support normal cognitive function, reduce tiredness and fatigue, and maintain normal nervous system function. Stay focused and functioning at your peak.


 I:Win: We have 10 bottles to give away.

Eskimo-3 Bright Kids Fish Oil Jelly Splats 

Eskimo-3 Bright Kids Jelly Splats is an exciting omega 3 fish oil designed specifically for kids. Each jelly tab, or ‘splat’ tastes great, is easy to take and provides 270mg of DHA, which supports healthy brain function. We know that it can be difficult to get our kids to eat enough fish, which is why Eskimo designed a fuss free alternative. Bright Kids contains the highest DHA level per tablet among competitors with similar products.

 I:Win: We have 10 packs to give away.

Thyroid DNA Test and Lifecode Gx ticket

Lifecode Gx Thyroid DNA test examines the key genes and environmental factors – nutrient status, stress, and detoxification – that impact thyroid health, helping you to understand individual risk factors and root causes for thyroid imbalance and implement personalised nutrition and lifestyle changes to optimise your health. Lifecode Gx Nutrigenomics and Thyroid roadshow ticket takes place in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin (other UK locations to be announced). Discover the key genes, SNPs, cofactors and inhibitors (including autoimmune factors) involved in the thyroid hormone lifecycle, and how to apply nutrigenomics in clinical practice.

 I:Win: We have one Thyroid DNA Test, and one Lifecode Gx ticket to give away to one reader each.

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